Intrex is developing next generation solutions for senior living with Rythmos as the hub. Rythmos is an intelligent, personalized system designed around the individual to monitor for safety and manage chronic conditions. With Rythmos, senior living communities can ensure residents remain independent longer and safely age in place.

Rythmos Features

Fall Detection

The Rythmos pendant uses proprietary fall detection technology to determine when falls occur in real time, without the resident ever needing to press a button. Customizable alerts allow staff to receive notifications through text messages, emails, phone calls, and push notifications ensuring alerts are tended to timely.

Location Awareness

The Rythmos pendant functions as a connected personal response device that offers precise location awareness. Rythmos provides both real-time and historical positioning. A community-wide mesh network and built-in GPS technology ensures total coverage.

Environmental Data

Advanced facility monitoring measures environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, ambient light, noise, and air pressure. With Rythmos fixed node environmental sensors, senior living communities are alerted to changes in environmental conditions early, which may reduce or eliminate potential hazards.

Elopement Detection

Elopement, or wander guard, technology protects residents from unsafe roaming. Customizable alerts allow staff and family members to be notified if a resident is outside of their designated area. Family members will have peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe within the community at all times.

Telehealth Integration

Rythmos offers a cloud-based telehealth platform connecting a continuum of devices and enabling seemless wellness monitoring to reduce hospital readmissions and manage chronic conditions. Our growing list of device integrations includes blood pressure cuffs, scales, pulse oximeters, and blood glucometers. Readings are sent directly to our secure cloud after each use for easy monitoring by a family member, nurse, or physician.

Concierge Assistance

Rythmos offers safety and security from a growing list of connected devices in addition to the pendant. Residents can trigger alerts from devices such as Apple watches, smart phones, and Alexa enabled devices. With Alexa enabled devices, residents can trigger alerts simply by speaking.

Rythmos Benefits

Rythmos was built from the ground up specifically for senior living communities- independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes. In addition to a growing portfolio of “smart” and connected wearables, Rythmos includes devices to augment and transform senior living communities to state-of-the-art communities.

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