Real-Time Positioning

Residents. Staff. Visitors.

Quickly view the location of all residents, staff, and visitors throughout the entire community.

  • Accuracy within 3-10 feet
  • Location of all individuals updated every minute of every day

  • Coverage throughout the entire community and surrounding grounds

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Floorpan with icons representing the location of residents, staff, and visitors with different colors to indicate infected and potentially infected individuals for contact tracing
Table for contact tracing with columns for contact name, date, time and indoor location

Close Interactions

Identify interactions between residents, staff, and visitors at any point in time with an easy to read report. 

  • Show with whom individuals have come into contact

  • Monitor potential spread from person-to-person
  • Identify possible areas to quarantine

Location History

View complete location history for residents, staff, and visitors.

  • See a list of all the places an individual went
  • View how much time individuals spent in each location
  • Track the path every individual took within the community
Flooplan with icons to represent real time location of individuals and footsteps for location history for contact tracing
Table with indoor position information with column for contact location, date, time, and time spent.
Floor plan with line around rooms indicating restricted area for quarantine or wander management.

Quarantine/Wander Management

Implement and monitor quarantine areas to reduce the spread of illnesses and monitor for elopements.

  • Receive alerts when individuals “break” the quarantine area
  • Monitor wander risks and be alerted to potential elopements
  • Customize alerts for residents, staff, and visitors

Powerfully Simple Implementation

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Learn more about contact tracing from the CDC and WHO.