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Integrated, Proximity-Based ACCESS CONTROL

Easily access apartments.

Rythmos® features integrated access control readers and wireless smart apartment locks that can be unlocked with the Rythmos® Community or Community + wearables.

Access control reader.

Wireless smart apartment lock.

Door sensors.

Key benefits.

Rythmos® makes access control easy for residents and staff. Residents no longer need to worry about carrying an extra key or fob to get into their apartment; they can simply walk up to their door with their wearable on and the door unlocks automatically. Staff members will no longer need to carry around a giant key ring full of different keys; they can simply unlock the door with their phone, a single fob, or 1 master key. Residents at risk of wandering will be protected from wandering outside of the community by doors that automatically lock when they approach.

  • System designed to fit every budget.

  • Powerfully simple implementation – no wires, no WiFi, battery powered infrastructure.

  • Precise location of all residents in the community.

  • Advanced features including integration with Alexa.

  • Integrated access control.