4-in-1 system for simplicity and easy management.

The Rythmos® 4-in-1 Safety and Wellness Solution was built specifically for residents of senior living communities. It feature advanced innovations, enabling a single wearable to provide nurse call, wander management, access control, and infection control.

Nurse Call

Rythmos® goes beyond traditional nurse call and call solutions.

  • Easy-to-use, fully waterproof touch button wearable that incorporates unobtrusive fall detection.
  • Real-time location of residents both in the community and outside of the community.
  • Integrated wireless pull cords.
  • Alexa integration.

Wander Management

Multi-level alerting ensures residents stay safe.

  • Proximity alerts notify if residents are near unauthorized areas.
  • Door open alerts notify if residents are near a door that opened.
  • Egress alerts provide notifications when a resident has left the community.
  • Automatic switching and tracking allows the wearable to provide gps location outside the community.

Access Control

Access apartments and exit doors with ease.

  • No touch access allows residents to automatically unlock doors upon approach.
  • Built-in NFC capability allows residents or staff to use traditional fobs and cards.
  • Detailed access history provides a full log of entry activity.
  • Wireless and battery operated door locks allow for easy installation.

Infection Control

Stop the spread of infection.

  • Contact tracing reports provide details on who came into contact with whom.
  • Enforce quarantines to ensure safety for residents and staff.
  • Monitor staff handwashing to see when they wash their hands and for how long.
  • Monitor visitor movement and interactions.