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Benefits of Rythmos® for Senior Communities

Benefit senior safety and caregiver workflow at senior communities with all features integrated into a single device and management system with Rythmos®!

Intrex - Benefits of Rythmos for Senior Community Technology

Locate in Real Time

Find residents inside or outside of the community and the closest caregivers when in duress.

Assist Quickly

Get help fast when and where needed with the advanced Rythmos® simple-to-use wearables, pull cords, and/or Alexa integration.

Protect Loved Ones

Protect mom and dad with unobtrusive monitoring for falls, changes in behavior, and unsafe exits.

Enhance with Data

Visualize your resident activities and look for pattern changes and anomalies in behavior so you can adapt and improve care.

Adapt Affordably

Wearables, unobtrusive in-room sensors, Alexa, and other devices can be used only as needed to maximize the value of the Rythmos® life safety system.

Rythmos® helps you simplify senior care with all features integrated into a single wearable device and a single unified solution! 

Centralized Nurse Alerts

Increase response times and improve quality of care with our innovative, budget-friendly nurse call. Through easy-to-use duress buttons on all Rythmos® wearables to emergency pull cords throughout the community, get residents help when and where they need it.

Machine-Learning Fall Detection

Better protect seniors with our advanced machine-learning fall detection algorithms that automatically alerts staff when a fall is detected, no button press required and location accuracy within 1-3 meters.

Wander Management

By turning on our Wander Management settings for elopement-risk residents, provide customizable levels of protection and monitoring through geofencing settings, smart door locks, presence and heat sensors, and other access control devices that pair with our senior wearables.

Smart Access Control Devices

From smart room access to wireless smart door locks, easily access, monitor, and secure necessary parts of your community with our wearables and sensors, such as private residences, entry and exit points, or staff-only areas.

Advanced Technology Integrations

Benefit from our Alexa Smart Properties partnership and other custom integrations (like EMR softwares) that pair with Rythmos® wearables for 2-way audio, verbal assistance, scheduled notifications and alerts, and more!

Streamlined Data Management

With our Rythmos® Care Manager web portal and mobile app for both iOS and Android, managing real-time data, staff alerts, and historic reports has never been easier! Access all community data in one central place and identify resident trends to adapt care as needed.

Rythmos has been inside our community for the past 2 years. During that time, we have used both the access control wearables as well as the emergency call system. The team has been extremely attentive to our needs whenever there are bumps in the road and come onsite to handle any problems directly to assure it doesn’t happen again. Our call response times have benefited greatly from having this system as we can utilize our scout phones as direct lines of communication from team member to team member. This allows the team to always work in a more efficient manner.

The products are initiative, the customer service is top notch, and the processes are always improving.

Kelly Johnson, Executive Operations Officer, Queenstown Landing

The Rythmos system has been a wonderful investment for us.

Not only is the system up-to-date with technology trends, but the development team continues to seek out ways to improve, to meet the needs of both the industry and individual facilities. In addition, we have been extremely impressed with the customer service provided. The team works quickly to answer any questions and resolve any issues. I would highly recommend Rythmos to any community seeking to provide care and safety services to their customers.

Lynette Krambeer, Executive Director, Spurgeon Assisted Living

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