Accepting that you or a loved one would benefit from the safety and security of a wearable to locate seniors can be difficult.

A wearable to locate seniors like Rythmos® is a great solution to improving quality of life for seniors by ensuring care staff can deliver care when and where needed. This includes coverage when a senior is in duress or may have fallen. These solutions protect residents of different acuity levels, including those with dementia or Alzheimers that may be at risk of wandering.

According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada,

“Six in ten people who live with dementia are at risk of getting lost.”

From protecting seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s and are wander risks to having access to live location data for faster and more accurate response times for nurse calls or fall detections, wearable devices like Rythmos® are a great solution to improving quality of life and ease of care.

Read more below in our guide to learn about:

  • How our Rythmos® wearable to locate seniors benefits users and caregivers
  • FAQs for choosing a location-aware device for seniors
  • How to get your loved one help when and where they need it
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How Our Advanced Wearable to Locate Seniors Provides Real-Time Insight

We are passionate about helping seniors age safely in place, leveraging advanced wearable technology designed specifically for them. This is why all of our Rythmos® wearables include the following:

  • Real-time location information both inside and outside of the senior community within 1-3 meter accuracy

  • Protection for seniors at risk of eloping with immediate notifications

  • Automatic, machine learning (ML) based fall detection

  • Ability to unlock apartment from 1-3 feet away

  • Socialization information to see resident engagement levels

  • Duress button/eCall for emergency response

  • Long-lasting batteries

  • Customized wear styles

  • Waterproof devices

Gain Peace of Mind

Our advanced wearable for location seniors that will help improve staff response times, provide assurance for family members, and provide data-driven insights on activity levels, behavioral changes, and serve as a proactive mechanism to identify problems and need for an increased level of care.

Location Features of Each Rythmos® Wearable:

Rythmos- Best Wearable to Locate Seniors Inside and Outside the Community

Alternative Location Tracking Solutions

For those uncomfortable with precise GPS monitoring and mapping as part of a wearable to locate seniors, the Rythmos® system can utilize location sensors placed over doorways, windows, and within rooms and halls so you can know when someone has entered or exited a space. We can also integrate Alexa in our wearables for easy-to-use 2-way audio and for better communication and support.  

What is Wander Management? 

Wander management is integrated into the same Rythmos® wearable that has real time location information, nurse call features, machine learning (ML) based fall detection, and more. If a person is or becomes at risk of elopement, wander management features can be enabled with one click through the Rythmos® CareManager Web. This will ensure the care team is instantly notified if the resident wanders near an exit door.

Wander management sensors and alerts include:

  1. Door-Based Triggers:
    • Door opened
    • Door closed
    • Door propped open
  2. Location-Based Triggers:
    • Loitering
    • Geofencing (keeping in/out of areas)
  3. Door-Lock Triggers
    • Lock down based on proximity

FAQs for Choosing a Wearable to Locate Seniors in Real Time

While there are a lot of products available that have different levels of location capabilities for seniors, there are several questions you should consider before purchasing what product is best for your needs and your budget:  

Rythmos® wearable devices utilize either inexpensive coin-cell batteries or long-lasting rechargeable batteries. Settings utilized can impact battery life, but the average lifespan of our Rythmos® wearable devices are:

  • Community Wearable: Battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Community + Wearable: Battery lasts up to 4 months
  • Kallos Wearable: Battery lasts up to 6 months

It is important to check if a wearable device you are purchasing for seniors is fully waterproof and not just marketed as “water-resistant.” These products such as location trackers, alert buttons, and more – need to be durable for activities of daily living, from hand washing to showering or bathing. That’s why our Rythmos® wearables are waterproof and will keep working when and where you need them to!  

If your loved one falls, is in duress, or is at risk of eloping, it is important to locate them quickly and accurately. Some devices at senior communities are only accurate to a section of the building (e.g., identifying what floor they are on). Rythmos® location awareness ensures accuracy to within 1-3 meters with position updates roughly every 60 seconds to ensure quick response times in an emergency.

Many location tracking devices only operate within the bounds of their facility. With Rythmos®, not only can our wearables automatically switch from the community network to cellular LTE as soon as they are outside their community or home, but we have an exclusive patent for the technology to do so! Our products ensure care staff can find your loved one when needed, especially outside of the community.

Tech integration for senior wearables is about more than just location tracking. It’s about creating more efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined tools to help caregivers (from professionals to family members) with various aspects of health and personal care. 

Rythmos® not only has integrated location tracking, nurse alerts, and fall detection within a single device, but can include other custom integrations, such as:

  • EMR system integrations (Electronic Medical Records) 
  • Alexa partnership integration for 2-way audio and voice commands 
  • Access control integrations 
  • Telehealth device integrations, such as thermometers and pulse oximeters 

Gathering all this location data is nothing if youre not able to view it easily. Through our Rythmos® CareManager Web, you can see live community maps with resident and staff locations, search historical location data, see duress events, contact tracing, response times, set up geofencing, and more!  

Have Questions? Let’s Talk!

If you’re interested in buying the most advanced wearable with location awareness for seniors or want to learn more about our Rythmos® wearables and senior community solutions, please contact us.

Our team at Intrex is dedicated to improving care for your loved ones and assisting seniors and caregivers with efficient, scalable, and affordable tech solutions. Let us know how we can help!

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