Nurse Call + Wander Management + Access Control + Infection Control = Safety and Wellness

Rythmos is a new type of solution for senior living that has real-time positioning with integrated nurse call, wander management, access control, and infection control. Rythmos was built from the ground up for senior communities based upon extensive operational experience. Together we can stop the spread of infection in your community today.

  • Location accuracy within 3-10 feet

  • Location of all individuals updated every minute of every day

  • Coverage throughout the entire community and surrounding grounds

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Table for contact tracing with columns for contact name, date, time and indoor location

Social Distancing

Identify interactions between residents, staff, and visitors at any point and be alerted if individuals come too close to each other. 

  • Show with whom individuals have come into contact

  • Monitor potential spread from person-to-person
  • Identify possible areas to quarantine

Contact Tracing

Identify possible contact with infected individuals within minutes.

  • See a list of all the places an individual went and how much time they spent

  • View a list of all individuals they may have interacted with

  • Track the path every individual took within the community
Table with indoor position information with column for contact location, date, time, and time spent.
Floor plan with line around rooms indicating restricted area for quarantine or wander management.

Quarantine/Wander Management

Implement and monitor quarantine areas to reduce the spread of illnesses.

  • Receive alerts when individuals “break” the quarantine area
  • Monitor wander risks and be alerted to potential elopements
  • Customize alerts for residents, staff, and visitors

Integrated Access Control

Implement keyless access to Rythmos enabled doors with wireless door locks or access control readers.

  • Access resident rooms or common areas with just the Rythmos wearable
  • Pair with automatic door openers for no-touch access
  • View a complete history of access to know who entered and when
Rythmos wearable worn on woman's wrist being used to unlock a door with Rythmos access control reader
Nurse with Rythmos wearable sanitizing her hands

Monitor Staff Handwashing

Monitor staff handwashing and sanitizing to reduce the spread of infection.

  • Know when staff washed their hands and for how long
  • Ensure staff are following CDC infection control guidelines and washing between each resident
  • Know when they washed versus when they used hand sanitizer

Integrated Temperature Stations

Monitor the health of residents and staff.

  • Measure the temperature of residents and staff at the Rythmos kiosk
  • Be alerted to changes in vitals
  • Receive an alert if temperature reading is higher than the accepted measurement
Nurse with thermometer checking the temperature of a staff member
Nurse with iPad helping a Senior woman video chat with family

Telehealth Application

Combat isolation and loneliness and keep residents connected.

  • Multiparty video chats to connect with multiple family members at one time
  • Telehealth visits with care providers to ensure continued health
  • Receive recordings of video sessions for keepsakes or to review care provider instructions

Powerfully Simple Implementation

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Learn more about infection control from the CDC and WHO.