Rythmos® Comprehensive Safety and Wellness Solution for Senior Communities Integrates with Alexa Smart Properties

Press Release | March 7, 2024

Rythmos-Alexa Smart Properties Press Release

RESTON, VIRGINA , UNITED STATES , March 7, 2024 – Intrex, Inc., a leading care-technology company, has completed integration of its award-winning Rythmos® safety and wellness solution with Amazon’s Alexa Smart Properties. As an Alexa Smart Properties solution provider, Intrex is delivering a unique experience for residents, their families, operators and their caregivers with the addition of the Alexa general purpose voice AI. Alexa will leverage and enhance each of the pillars that make the Rythmos® system a great asset for senior care – nurse call, access control, wander management, and building management.

“Our Rythmos safety and wellness solution is built specifically for senior living communities and now, thanks to Amazon, it has a powerful, new feature set driven by the robust and widely adopted Alexa voice AI,” said Ted Tzirimis, CEO of Intrex. “Being part of Alexa Smart Properties will help us continue to deliver on our goals of providing unobtrusive monitoring of resident safety, maximizing efficiencies for residents and caregivers, and increasing social engagement and the wellbeing of our seniors.”

The integration with Alexa will increase the capability of the Rythmos® system in accomplishing each of its core operations:

Nurse Call

Driven by Intrex’s own dynamic wearables, like Kallos, residents now have an augmented experience to receive help where and when they need it. Caregiver staff will be notified immediately if a resident is in distress, whether the resident engages their wearable or utters phrases like, “Alexa, help.” Staff save time and can prioritize emergency triage by calling the resident’s room directly from their Alexa-enabled device, and have the option to reach out directly through their Rythmos® caregiver app.

Access Control

Residents can open their apartment door with just their wearable and with these new features and can also manage their home with Alexa’s capabilities. Now, when inside the apartment, residents can open their door to visitors and inquire who has been in their apartment by saying things like, “Alexa, unlock my door,” “Alexa, who was in my room today,” and “Alexa, when was my room cleaned?” Features like unlocking the door through an Alexa-enabled device save the resident from having to stand and walk to the door, which can assist people with mobility issues and help prevent falls.

Wander Management

Rythmos® can push alerts automatically to caregivers on their Alexa-enabled devices for improved care coordination. Notifications can include wander management-based events where there is a potential elopement. Caregivers may, after being granted permission by the individual, quickly identify where residents are to save time for regular activities like distributing meds, and even begin activities by starting a dialogue with Alexa to find a resident’s current location.

Building Management Services (BMS)

Rythmos® leverages a 100% battery-powered infrastructure that provides 8-10 year battery life with detailed positioning and detailed environmental data around temperature, humidity, air pressure, ambient light, and ambient sound to paint a complete picture of the community. Maintenance and staff can ask Alexa for environmental information about the community around temperature, air pressure, and humidity. For example, “Alexa, what areas have high humidity” or “Alexa, what vacant apartments have abnormal temperatures?”

“We are excited to collaborate with Intrex and see its Rythmos® solution integrated with Alexa Smart Properties,” said Ginna Baik, Senior Living Business Development Manager at Alexa Smart Properties. “Their passion to improve resident safety and wellness through innovation aligns well with our focus of helping senior communities to offer customized Alexa experiences for residents and patients, and increasing care team productivity and operational efficiency.”

Rythmos® maximizes efficiencies for residents and caregivers by taking into account both positioning and proximity. With a digital signage approach, contextual messages are sent to Alexa-enabled devices only when it senses the individual is near the device. This ensures no wasted communication. It captures and conveys time spent providing care, steps taken, and a whole host of other pertinent information around resident activity and safety.

Alexa further empowers Rythmos® to increase social engagement and decrease isolation. Family members will be able to upload audio or video messages to play on their loved ones’ Alexa-enabled device seamlessly and further bridge the gaps in the care process.

“This is the embrace of a continuously evolving and improving approach to care. Coming from a 45-year-old woman-owned home health, hospice, and personal care service company, our development efforts have always been focused on solving real-world, operational challenges for our community partners,” continued Mr. Tzirimis. “Critical to our mission is the unobtrusive monitoring of resident safety through advanced wearables and a bevy of in-room sensors that provide information around changes in light, sound, and movement. Overall, Alexa opens up a new set of features around the way we help and protect the people in our lives.“

Want to Learn More about Rythmos®?

To find out more about Intrex’s Rythmos® safety and wellness solution and how it’s leveraging Amazon’s Alexa Smart Properties services, senior living operators are encouraged to learn more by contacting us to talk to a team member or schedule a free demo.


Intrex is a spin-off of a 45-year-old woman-owned provider of direct care to seniors, ranging from assistance with the activities of daily living to compassionate end-of-life care. Our mission is to help seniors age safely at home. Our award-winning Rythmos® is a comprehensive safety and wellness solution, including innovative wearables, access control solutions, and emergency devices.