Rythmos nurse call Community wearable with a black wrist band.

Community Wearable

Precise room-by-room location in the community

Precise location on the surrounding grounds

Coin cell battery lasts up to 5 months

Rythmos Community+ wearable for nurse call with a blue wrist band

Community+ Wearable

Precise room-by-room positioning in the community AND throughout the US

Rechargeable battery lasts up 1 month

Works as a “key” to enter rooms with Rythmos readers or locks

Rythmos white access control reader


Access Control Reader

Works with any Electric Strike System or with stand alone Maglocks

Proximity access from 1-3 feet or touch access with NFC

Complete history of access

Rythmos nurse call emergency pull cord with red cord and red LEDs

Pull Cord

Surface mounted installation

LED indicators

Modern design