Improving Efficiency with Senior Care Technology Solutions

When it comes to senior care technology solutions, our Intrex team’s dedication stems from years of experience and a passion for improving the quality and ease of care for senior communities in the U.S. and beyond.

While Intrex and our Rythmos® products are still growing and may not [yet] have the same immediate brand recognition as some of our competitors in the senior wearable industry, our advanced features are all integrated in a single device, have scalable and customizable community systems, have easy-to-use and manage products, and have long-term affordability which all distinguish us a top partner for protecting seniors and getting them help when and where they need it.

Check out a recent Q&A with our CEO below to learn more about Intrex and why you should partner with us for your senior care technology solutions!


About Intrex – Q&A with Our CEO

What is your name and role at Intrex?

A: Ted Tzirimis, CEO

What made you want to pursue a career in senior care technology?

Ted: I grew up in senior care, with both of my parents involved in a company providing direct care to seniors. That company cared for my grandparents when they needed it. I majored in music and government and found myself working as an IT analyst before realizing I wanted to work somewhere I felt more of a mission to improve the lives of others. I made the transition back to senior care in different capacities from managing corporate projects to managing a territory to Chief Innovation Officer. And then finally to Intrex.

When and why was Intrex founded?

Ted: Intrex commercialized in 2019 and was based on solutions developed when I was Chief Innovation Officer at a home health, hospice, and personal care service provider. Significant gaps in life safety systems at senior communities, where we were caring for the residents, launched conversations between owners and operators and led to Rythmos® being developed literally from within the walls of senior living communities.

How would you describe Rythmos® in a few short sentences to someone who has never heard of our products?

Ted: With Rythmos®, Intrex improves the safety of seniors through the design, manufacture, and integration of wearables and sensors into a unified solution that encompasses nurse call, wander management, access control, and fall detection, enhancing the monitoring, measuring, and delivery of care.

What makes us stand apart the most from our competitors in the senior care tech solutions industry?

Ted: There are a few things…

  • Our solution was literally built by care providers and within the walls of a senior living ownership group that has 70+ communities around the country.

  • We manufacture our own wearables and other components to ensure quality, reliability, and interoperability.

  • We have a 100% battery only solution that enables existing communities to quickly upgrade the safety systems for residents without needing to run any cables or wires.

  • Our wearables and Rythmos® solution seamlessly provide nurse calls, wander management, and access control in a single wearable/single solution.

Rythmos Senior Care Technology Wearables

What is your favorite part about partnering with senior communities?

Ted: Making a difference in the lives of seniors by developing solutions that solve real-world problems faced by the communities.

What professional achievements are you most proud of?

Ted: Intrex turns 5 this year. It’s been such a whirlwind from inception to product launch to now being all over the US and in 3 different countries. We have such a great team and I am so proud to share this journey with them.

We’re also proud of the two patents we have received so far, especially the most recent one for the advanced location awareness technology on our Rythmos® wearables that works both inside AND outside the community. This is crucial if you have a resident who is a wander risk so their location can be accurately pinpointed anywhere in the world to get them the help they need where they need it.

What is your top advice for caregivers when it comes to using technology to benefit senior care?

Ted: The prospect of learning a new system can be overwhelming. But caregivers should not worry, Rythmos® is not difficult to use and was built with the caregiver’s challenges in mind. Our technology can help them with their day-to-day jobs, prioritizing care for those in greatest need, and streamlining things so they can save time.

Why should people trust Intrex with their senior care technology solutions?

Ted: Intrex is 100% self-funded, focused on quality over quantity. Intrex comes from a 46-year-old, woman-owned home health, hospice, and personal care service company, so the quality of care and a patient/resident-centered approach is engrained in everything we do. Our Rythmos® solution was developed specifically to help seniors age safely in place.

Are there any future goals you can share with what’s on the horizon for Rythmos®?

Ted: We are excited to continue expanding internationally. Seeing Rythmos® in all of these different countries and the different ways the technology can be applied to improve senior safety is interesting.

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